ARTICLE / Sep, 2016 Shedding some light on the electricity market in Singapore Whether we’re at home or at work, we’re all surrounded by electrical appliances and lighting. In fact, you’re reading this article from either a computer, a tablet, or your phone. With all these electrical appliances and gadgets having seamlessly become an integral part of our daily lives, electricity has naturally become an essential that we cannot function without. Unless you have a secret room full of hamster wheels hooked up to energy generators and are powering up your entire house for free through hamster generated electricity, you’re paying for your electrical bills monthly like the rest of us. Have you ever wondered how we get our electricity? Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? Read More

ARTICLE / Sep, 2016 Experience Today’s Cambodia: Commercial, Investment, and Digital Market. As the last frontier market in the Southeast Asian region, Cambodia promises a world of opportunities for investors and business owners. Many mega corporations have taken the chance to enter the Cambodian market and strike while the iron is hot. Read More

ARTICLE / Sep, 2016 10 Things to Look Out For in Your New Home During the Defects Liability Period (DLP) If you have recently moved into a newly built house, first of all, congratulations on your new house. Secondly, it is essential for you to do a thorough assessment to ensure that there are no defects in the property. Read More

ARTICLE / Aug, 2016 Cambodia Driving Forces Behind the Economy Ever since the global financial crisis in 2009, the current economic climate has been on a slow path to recovery, with the UN predicting the world economy to grow by a projected 3.2% in 2017. The emerging markets of the world – countries that have the characteristics of but are not yet classified as developed market, have been at the forefront of global economic growth within the past few years. As the developed markets’ economies are anticipated to once again increase contribution to the global economic growth, economic development will also be stimulated in frontier markets with further investments from developed markets. Read More

ARTICLE / Aug, 2016 What Are The Qualities Of A Credible Property Agent? When it comes to picking property agents, people tend to go with a friend or relative they trust. Trust, however, is only one of the many factors to consider. Other traits such as honesty, experience and tech-savviness also matter. In this article, we share the top qualities that you should look out for in your search for a credible property agent. Read More

ARTICLE / Aug, 2016 Experience Today's Cambodia: Politics, Government & Foreign Relations Ever since the beginning of the Khmer Empire in the 9th Century, Cambodia has had a long standing history of being under monarchy rule. However, the Cambodian constitutional monarchy political structure as we know today only began in 1993, following the 1991 Paris Peace Accords. Read More

ARTICLE / Jul, 2016 5 Reasons to Use a Property Agent Taking the DIY approach to buying or selling your home may seem like the perfect plan. You save on commission fees, and can get the job done pronto. Problem is, this only works if you’re a qualified property investor or have sold, bought or rented property before. If however, you’re a rookie, then hiring a property agent may be the smarter thing to do. Here are 5 reasons why you should engage a property agent. Read More

ARTICLE / Jul, 2016 Experience Today’s Cambodia: History, Society, People, and Culture Getting to know Cambodia right from its roots. From the huge disparity between the rich and poor to its contrasting countryside and city areas, Cambodia strikes as a beautiful unique country of paradoxes to many people. With a population of 15 million, the country of 181,035 square kilometres is located between Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. Apart from the occasional monsoons the country experiences, the weather in Cambodia is generally always warm, remaining in the summer season all year round. Read More

ARTICLE / Jul, 2016 7 Feng Shui Tips to Invite Good Energy into Your Home Beneath the five elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood. A long-time practice derived from ancient China, feng shui is a philosophical system that is still widely adopted in today’s world. Literally translating to “wind-water” in English, feng shui involves the art of optimising the surrounding environment to harmonise everyone and promote one’s well-being. Read More

ARTICLE / Jul, 2016 Islamic Banking – A Union of Finance and Faith Getting to know the fundamentals of Islamic banking. An interesting harmony of banking and Islamic principles, Islamic banking is a system governed by Islamic economics and is based on principles guiding the Islamic laws (otherwise known as ‘sharia’). Established in 1975, the Dubai Islamic Bank is the world’s first Islamic bank principally guided by Islamic economics. In its essence, Islamic banking is primarily guided by two overarching principles – the sharing of profit and loss between lenders and borrowers, and the prohibition of collection and payment of interest. Read More

ARTICLE / Jul, 2016 Passive Income from Real Estate Earning income without having to work much for it. Most people would want to receive income on a regular basis without having to work a 9 to 6 job which can get pretty routine and tiring. Living a comfortable life with a sustainable source of income from collecting rental fees is probably a dream come true for everyone - you literally don’t have to do much for the fixed income that you will secure every month. This form of income that does not require much work on your part is known as “passive income”. Read More

ARTICLE / Jul, 2016 Planning for Your Property Financial planning is essential before you commit to a property. Having a good plan in place to handle your matters is always a good idea - your finances all the more being no exception. Skipping your share of financial planning is the equivalent of committing the mistake to be unprepared in times of unexpected crises. In order to manage your wealth well, doing your financial planning is not a step one can afford to skip. When it comes to handling one’s property affairs, financial planning is all the more a significant responsibility not to be neglected. Read More

ARTICLE / Jul, 2016 15 Financial Terms You Ought to Know Defining the financial jargon you ought to know. Prior to committing to any form of investment, it is common to come across some financial jargon that you may not be familiar with while doing your share of research. In order to ensure that your research is effective, it is essential to dig deeper and unravel what some of these commonly used financial terms actually mean before diving straight into the investment scene. Read More

ARTICLE / Jun, 2016 Bridge Loans for Real Estate Bridging the gap between selling and buying a house. Imagine buying a new home and having to pay for its down payment before your current house has even been sold. With most of your cash still held in your existing house, what does it take to meet this short-term liquidity required for your new home? Read More

ARTICLE / Jun, 2016 Self-Made Women Billionaires in Real Estate For these businesswomen, real estate is their stairway to the billionaire club. As wisely put by Mao Zedong, “women hold up half the sky”. With women constituting almost half of the human population, we should be seeing a more even spread of gender across the corporate hierarchy. But thankfully, in today’s world where women have more entitlement to their rights, more and more of them are enjoying huge successes in their various vocations. Read More

ARTICLE / Jun, 2016 Brexit – An Exit for Better or Worse? Is the grass really always greener on the other side? The U.K.’s European Union (EU) referendum is literally a day away. To be held on Thursday, June 23rd, the referendum will decide whether Britain should leave or remain in the European Union. Citizens of the United Kingdom (consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) who are eligible to vote will participate in this defining moment, deliberating between Brexit (abbreviation of Britain exiting the EU) and Bremain (abbreviation of Britain remaining in the EU). Read More

ARTICLE / Jun, 2016 Green Bonds are the New Bond The green ambassador of the financial world. Not only is green the colour everyone’s talking about, it is probably the colour everyone’s also dabbling in right now. According to the Climate Bond Initiative, an international organisation pushing for climate change solutions through mobilising the bond market, $42 billion worth of green bonds has been issued in 2015 alone, signifying a steep increase from the mere $3 billion in 2012. A fast rising market, green bonds have become increasingly popular as the demand for environmentally-friendly products surges. Read More

ARTICLE / Jun, 2016 Decoding the Negative Sign - Negative Interest Rate Unravelling the negative sign in your interest rate. As absurd and confusing as it may seem, negative interest rate is apparently a thing now. Yes, you didn’t read that wrong. Negative interest rate - how does that even work? Basically, instead of getting paid to store your money with the bank, you have to pay the bank regularly in order to keep your money with them. Read More

ARTICLE / Jun, 2016 Property Refinancing in a Nutshell Getting to know the bite-sized fundamentals of property refinancing. What is property refinancing? Property refinancing is the process of obtaining a new loan to pay off a previous mortgage, effectively replacing your first loan with a supposedly more cost-efficient one. While one may be puzzled at the act of doing so, property refinancing is a pretty common financial strategy adopted to reduce the monthly mortgage payment of your house. Read More

ARTICLE / Jun, 2016 The Colour Everyone’s Talking About Green, the most important colour the world’s talking about right now. Not too long back, we briefly shared about green financing and featured a few of the eco-friendly architecture around the world. An increasingly relevant and important issue in today’s highly industrialised world, the green movement is all about providing sustainable living through the responsible and effective use of natural resources. Minimising pollution and waste is also one of the primary goals of green financing, a cause which naturally requires active participation from players of the building and construction industry. Read More

ARTICLE / Jun, 2016 Power of the Collective Bridging the community and environment through integrative participation in real estate. With 49% of the world’s wealth held in property, you may be surprised that only 12.9% of the population has access to real estate investments. Out of this 12.9%, only 1% manage to retire wealthy. Read More

ARTICLE / Jun, 2016 Breaking the Routine When nothing but change is constant. Getting caught up with the mundane and routine everyday life is a problem everyone can probably relate to far too well. Research shows that an astounding two thirds of the millennials (generally referring to the 1980s to 2000s generation) are bored with life, pointing to the fact that people are becoming increasingly uninterested and disconnected with what they are doing and what is going on around them. Read More

ARTICLE / Jun, 2016 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Protecting and growing your wealth through online real estate investment. Real estate investment has been around for as long as we know. With its generally stable returns and ability to serve as a pretty effective hedge against inflation, real estate investment has remained a popular investment choice for a long time. But as we all may know, real estate investment is traditionally exclusive only to professional developers and investors with vast financial capacities to fund and sustain these large-scale property projects. Read More

ARTICLE / Jun, 2016 “Green”, the New Colour for Buildings 3 eco-friendly buildings around the world. With the rapidly rising pollution rates and erratic climate changes, environmentally-conscious efforts are becoming increasingly necessary and relevant in today’s world. Activists and foundations are actively pushing for green growth – the act of achieving economic growth while ensuring that our natural resources are efficiently used and that waste and pollutions are reduced to the minimal level. Read More

ARTICLE / May, 2016 Thinking the “Rich” Way The first step to riches is probably to think like one. We all have days when we wish we were a little richer, or much more affluent than what the figure in our bank account says. But thinking about an alternate reality where we have an abundance of riches is after all just building castles in the air. Most people want to be rich; to own obscenely expensive yachts and private jets that will bring them across the globe as and when they like; to purchase anything and everything without having the restraint of any price tag in mind; to throw parties and indulge in the lavish lifestyle fuelled by what seems to be an infinite pool of wealth – ideal as this all may be, we can at least agree that it’s definitely all easier said than done. Read More

ARTICLE / May, 2016 Saving vs. Investing To save or to invest? What are the differences, the pros and the cons? Deliberating what to do with the extra money you have on hand usually boils down to these two options – saving or investing it. In fact, many of you may be surprised to know how often people misuse the terms “saving” and “investing” interchangeably. When it comes to the remaining amount of your income after deducting the necessary expenditures and other miscellaneous fees, how should you handle this leftover sum to ensure you are making the right choices with it? Read More

ARTICLE / May, 2016 When Architecture Inspires Real-life places that inspired these familiar settings in popular animated films. From children, teenagers to adults and the elderly, animated films always seem to possess the power of putting people of all ages in a trance. With the endless possibilities they offer, be it from the fantasy, romance, comedy or action department, watching animated films remains a favourite pastime for many. The laudable efforts and patience that go behind creating the intricate details in animation are highly impressive and commendable, and we can’t help but to wonder where these artists get their inspiration from when contriving some of the most famous animated settings. Read More

ARTICLE / May, 2016 Top 5 Ways to Invest with $5000 The myriad of investment possibilities that $5000 can offer. The possibilities that $5000 can offer are boundless. While it may be considered as an easily exhaustible sum of money for some, to others, it can be a substantial amount that can greatly ease off their financial load. To determine the worth of $5000, it all eventually boils down to one’s personal objectives and goals. Read More

ARTICLE / May, 2016 A Race Against “Lady Luck” Is luck ever worth investing in? Or is it even possible to invest in luck? Attributing one’s quality of life to luck, or the lack thereof, is a common habit for many people. There seems to exist an intricate correlation between luck and the outcome of one’s circumstances, allowing luck to take form in many people’s eyes as some sort of cosmic force that can be manipulated and controlled. From good luck charms, enchanted ornaments to elaborate grand rituals that will purportedly drive away one’s “bad luck”, there is undoubtedly a huge market demand for “Lady Luck” to grace us all with her glorious presence. Read More

ARTICLE / May, 2016 Exchange-Traded Funds – Mutual Funds 2.0 Are Exchange-Traded Funds the new and improved mutual funds? As we have shared previously, mutual funds are a form of investment where numerous individual investors contribute to a pool of funds professionally managed by a fund manager. This collective amount will be used to fuel a portfolio of investments managed and diversified by the fund manager in hope of positive returns. Read More

ARTICLE / May, 2016 6 Simple Tips for a Budget Bedroom Makeover A bedroom makeover made possible even without a wallet makeover. Of all places in the world, the bedroom is probably the most important place where we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping in. Read More

ARTICLE / May, 2016 Diversification as a Form of Insurance for Your Portfolio Diversifying your investments as a form of insuring your portfolio’s overall performance. Ensuring diversification in one’s investment portfolio is an increasingly popular and common way to mitigate the risk of losing all your golden eggs at once if that one single basket unfortunately topples, sending all your investments crushing down a downward spiral of rapid losses. Read More

ARTICLE / May, 2016 Behind the Birth of Iconic Landmarks Every famous landmark has its share of stories, but here are some of the more special ones. Naming a few of the most famous architecture around the world is not at all a challenge. We can all easily run through a few familiar names offhand. Our family and friends are always uploading their holiday pictures on various social media platforms, sharing and documenting their travel journeys as they leave their footprints on the grounds of these iconic landmarks. For many, visiting these famous landmarks are some of the common items that have to be checked off their bucket lists. Read More

ARTICLE / May, 2016 The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow All that glitters is not gold but at least we know gold does. Everyone wishes for their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A common embodiment of money and fortune itself, gold is probably the most valuable and popular precious metal we can invest in. Widely known to be a “safe haven” in the world of investment, gold investment is largely favoured for its hedging properties against economic uncertainties and its endurance even in times of inflation. Withstanding the trial of time to still emerge as one of the strongest and most reliable candidates to invest in, it is no wonder that for most people, gold is really their stairway to heaven. Read More

ARTICLE / May, 2016 Size Is No Longer an Issue - Maximising Space at Home Working with small spaces may not be that big an issue with these simple tips. Working with small spaces may not be that big an issue with these simple tips. Read More

ARTICLE / May, 2016 Happiness Is a Long-Term Investment Seeing happiness as a long-term investment, not a one-time transaction. An increasingly relatable sentiment, “I am not happy,” is probably one of the most common countenances that many are wearing nowadays. The fast-paced way of life can really take its toll on our everyday lives, especially since many find it a struggle to keep up with the efficiency-driven society where conquering deadlines seems to be the primary goal for most people. Read More

ARTICLE / Apr, 2016 The Elusive Safe Haven – Back to Blue Chips? Not THE Absolute Safe Partner to Invest in, But Probably One of the Safest. Said to be named after the chip with the highest worth in the game of poker, there’s a reason why these stocks are deserving of such valuation. As promising as they may be, it is important to acknowledge the element of risk they still entail. It is unrealistic and unnecessary to assume that blue chip stocks are completely risk-free. The assumption that they will only guarantee returns (and generate absolutely no losses) is probably for one’s own reassurance’s sake. Read More

ARTICLE / Apr, 2016 Living in Fiction – 3 Movie-Inspired Homes It May Be Closer Than a Screen Away. For all the movie junkies out there, movies are so much more than a common agency for us to kill time with. Watching a movie is more than just an experience. It is about the transcendent moment where we get transported to another time and place, living vicariously through the characters in the span of time a film allows. Read More

ARTICLE / Apr, 2016 3 Investments Only the Ultra-rich Dabble in Some Investments Are Simply Larger Than Life.​ While most of us continue dabbling in the more common forms of investments familiar to us all, the ultra-rich are stepping their investment game up. With their seemingly inexhaustible pool of wealth fueling the high costs involved in these jaw-dropping investments, it is no wonder that the ultra-rich are more than capable of undertaking these uncommon large-scale projects. Read More

ARTICLE / Apr, 2016 Preparing to be Prepared for Property. Preparing your safety nets in Real Estate Investment is to be one step ahead. Dabbling in real estate investment can be a very lucrative business. The returns it promises can be very rewarding, which is why you can also burn your fingers big time if you don’t follow the few simple rules when it comes to property investment. Before diving into the real estate investment scene without any action plan, maybe you should consider adhering to a few basic principles that will help you cushion the blow shall your investment fail, since all investments have a certain degree of risk involved. Casting the necessary safety nets is not at all setting yourself up for failure. It’s simply always better to be safe than to be sorry. Read More

ARTICLE / Apr, 2016 Haunted Houses So Expensive/Cheap It’s Scary The Value of Haunted Houses Is Indeed to Be Feared After All. There’s always a mythical element to haunted houses that naturally cast them a few thousand miles away to foreign territories we never have to tread on – TV screens, abandoned towns, and many other obsolete places or fictional world of sorts. Well the bad news is, this assumption of these houses existing entirely in another exclusive world of their own does not mitigate the ominous aura they emanate nor does it conveniently deny their communal existence with us. On the flip side, it is perhaps somehow reassuring (or not) to remind you that these houses started off with a clean slate – they were never built with the intention of housing spectral beings meant to let our imagination run wild, only to terrorize our minds in the unsettling silence of the night. Stripping off the paranormal layer that is intrinsic to the contentious nature of these ghastly houses, the pretty wide deviation in their market values may caught you off guard just like a “spooky” surprise should. Read More

ARTICLE / Apr, 2016 Back to the Basics - Mutual Funds The Good, The Hype, The Bad, The Ugly. The independent investment research firm Morningstar discovered not too long ago that: out of the 7,700 mutual funds it tracks, a mere 910 (12%) of them had a personal investment by one of their fund managers of at least $1 million. If this sum was considered far too big, only 50% of fund managers actually invest in their own fund. Why are the professionals shying away from their own cooking? Read More

ARTICLE / Apr, 2016 Do I Stay or Do I Go – Adhering to an Investment’s Fidelity Making Sure Your Investments Are On The Same Page As You Are. Investors put a lot of effort into finding the right investments. Successful investing requires what is seemingly close to detective work – a lot of digging to find if it’s right for you, a lot of effort spent weighing the different factors, careful research and careful monitoring of markets and scenarios. Read More

ARTICLE / Apr, 2016 Value Investing Versus Growth Investing Performance, Safety and Premiums don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The debate between both camps got kicked off a long time ago, ever since the “Father of Value Investing” and “Dean of Wall Street” Benjamin Graham author the books that formed the foundation of the theory. Security Analysis and The Intelligent Investor carved out the border between “Value” and “Growth” investments. Read More

ARTICLE / Apr, 2016 The World's Most Expensive Hotels (To Stay In) Breaking The Bank, Away From Home. Have you wondered where the top 1% or 0.1% stay when they are away from home - assuming that they don't already have a property there? Or planning an ultra-luxe getaway but have no idea where to go? We've come up with a dazzling array of hotels from around the world, alongside their possibly eye-watering price tags. Read More

ARTICLE / Apr, 2016 Pursuing Financial Freedom - A Matter of Focus What Mindset Do You Have, What Do You Want? As we all focus on personal finance plans and consider how to pursue our own versions of financial freedom, one apparent, and very confusing question becomes very clear. What should we focus on? Do we: focus on being debt free, put our efforts into generating passive income or simply grow net worth above all else? Read More

ARTICLE / Apr, 2016 Green - The Way to Go At Home Cost Savings While Saving the Environment. While smartphones and smartwatches are everywhere, yet discussions of smart homes and smarter neighbourhoods and cities are only just beginning to enter mainstream conversation. Even for the less environmentally-conscious amongst us (not that anyone would openly admit it), going green can provide major cost savings that are often overlooked. Read More

ARTICLE / Apr, 2016 Things about Skyscrapers - You never thought You'd want to know. Nothing Trivial about these Behemoths. The most imposing buildings in any cities are often the ones towering over everyone else. We all know they're huge, we know many people might live, or work, or both in them; but what else do we know? Read More

ARTICLE / Mar, 2016 Things You Never Imagined About “Real Estate” Around the World Some things are completely different from how you imagined them. Normalcy can be so overrated at times. Even as we try our best to break out of conventional moulds, and look for the quirky, hipster-esque locales for our next home or hangouts, some of the places that we picture with mind’s eye are often far stranger, or very different from how they actually are. Without much ado, here are some of the more incredible examples, that left us equally incredulous. Read More

ARTICLE / Mar, 2016 Home Remodelling Ideas that Save Money in the Long Run Stretching those home decoration dollars. Renovations and remodelling can get expensive - so much so that there are “renovation” loans classified specifically for these purposes. Even following the essential advice touted around like “have a 25% cushion”, or “reduce the number of built-in or carpentry items”, here’s our take on being able to cut costs, without cutting corners. Read More

ARTICLE / Mar, 2016 Three Important Behavioural Traits to Remember when Investing in Property. Predicting investments is much like fortune telling - its mostly a lot of guesswork and vague statements with very little repercussions on the guesser when mistakes are made. Which is why we prefer to make only astute observations with as little guesswork as possible, and couple these observations with careful recommendations on investor behaviour, rather than attempt to debate with and dabble in the volatility of investment recommendations Read More

ARTICLE / Mar, 2016 The Most Valuable Properties (In Fiction) The who’s who in Fantasy and their real world counterparts? While real world valuation of properties can be a complicated endeavour, we took some time off to look at the priciest places in the world of our imagination - which are the most valuable properties in fiction? And which are their (possible) real-life equivalents? Read More

ARTICLE / Mar, 2016 "What do I Want?" Here's a way better question. All of us want what feels great. We all want to live a life that's easy, carefree; to look wonderful, be the rockstar that walks into the room - or any combination of these. Everyone would love that - it would be too easy to live like that. If someone asked you "What do you want out of life", and you replied "I just want to be happy / have a great family / have a job I enjoy", it's so ubiquitous that it doesn't even mean anything. Read More

ARTICLE / Mar, 2016 The Iconic One18 Residences Breaks Ground Joined by local and state associates and officials, our investors and development partners came to gather to celebrate the ground breaking of the One18 Residences, the newest latest apartment tower in the very heart of Phnom Penh. Read More

ARTICLE / Mar, 2016 The Elephant in the Room – Debt You definitely want to avoid it. Or do you? To many people, “Debt” can be a four-letter word of the worst kind - a word that many seek actively to avoid, and that responsible adults shouldn’t even begin considering. Yet it begs the mention that not all debt is created equal. There are times that it might pay to go into debt - as long as it is used in a way that will generate additional income or create more wealth over time. Read More

ARTICLE / Mar, 2016 Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) - The Bare Bones Basics Getting Started for New Investors, Reminders for the Seasoned. Most of us looking to get started investing have seen a multitude of acronyms and terms bandied around, and for those who are completely new, the idea of ‘due diligence’ by perusing a company’s annual reports, studying its history and making an early judgement call on its future prospects can be extremely intimidating indeed. Read More

ARTICLE / Mar, 2016 Beating the House When investing, time IS your best friend. The amount of financial jargon there is to struggle with is enormous. Too many strange acronyms, undecipherable jumbles of words. We all wonder at times when told to diversify or change focus to this “hot”, “new” thing. It's tiresome, ponderous and incomprehensible. Why shouldn't we just give up? Read More

ARTICLE / Mar, 2016 Did you miss out on the Toto Hongbao Draw? Keep Dreaming. While we can’t promise you $13.9million, we promise your dreams can be kept alive. Somewhat coincidentally, the winning pot of $13,943,682 is pretty close to the odds of winning with each ordinary entry - 1 in 13,983,816. Read More

ARTICLE / Feb, 2016 Dieting After CNY - Not Just You, Your Wallet Too. Beating the bulge, post-Chinese New Year, with FundHive Academy’s 5 easy-to-follow steps. What could be harder than losing weight? Probably saving money. Of all the tough questions in the world that we all struggle with, this could be one of the toughest of them all. Both physically and fiscally, the mind-numbing amount of information out there suffers from the standard problem where their diagnoses are presented as the “Secret of Life”, the “First Commandment” and the “Holy Grail” rolled up into one pithy idea. Read More

ARTICLE / Jan, 2016 Kingsland Development Invests In New Union China 26 January 2016 – FundHive is proud to announce an investment made by our preferred development partner Kingsland Development, in New Union China with total of S$10 million. This hallmark investment sets an unprecedented move for us and Kingsland in breaking barriers in our business venture as a whole. Read More

ARTICLE / Nov, 2015 Real Estate Innovation Made Possible with FundHive Not so long ago, a “cloud” simply referred to a white fluffy mass in the sky. Today, cloud computing has dramatically increased the capabilities and efficiency of companies around the world. Read More

ARTICLE / Oct, 2015 7 Reasons to Invest in Cambodia Real Estate ​Lara Croft: Tomb Raider may have brought Cambodia into the limelight but this land of temples offers more than just a home ground for Hollywood blockbusters. Cambodia is Asia’s new land of opportunity—a nation that’s unmatched in its potential for economic growth. Read More

ARTICLE / Sep, 2015 Real Estate Crowdfunding is the Now and the Future While the term ‘crowdfunding’ has been buzzing in recent years, its concept was originated as early as the 1700s when Alexander Pope sought for subscribers to pledge 200 gold guineas (£210, equivalent to an estimated current-day £26,000) to support his work in translating Greek poetry into English in exchange for acknowledgements in his book. Mozart as well sought funding to perform in a Viennese concert hall offering manuscripts to those who pledged, only to be successful in his 2nd funding campaign. Today’s famous Statue of Liberty was also partially funded by the general people when construction funds fell short. Read More

INTERVIEW / Sep, 2015 Developing Cambodia Lee Yue Cheng is a 10-year veteran in real estate project management whose career has brought him to faraway lands including a 3-year project in Qatar. FundHive catches up with Yue Cheng amidst his busy schedule to find out more about his latest project in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In this interview, Yue Cheng shares his insights, his experience, and how through the project, he recognizes his own growth and his contribution to the construction industry in Cambodia. Read More

CASE STUDY / Jan, 2015 Commercial Feng Shui The Suzhou Industrial Park marks one of the first collaborations between the Chinese and Singapore governments to facilitate modern management and overseas investments. Feng shui, being an important aspect, was included in the planning and the most classic feng shui work within this area has to be the 'Jinji Lake International Golf Club'. Read More

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In the press
  • PRESS / Sep, 2016 Kingsland Global celebrates pre-completion sale of Oknha Peich Boutique Hotel The successful sale of the Oknha Peich Boutique Hotel on 18 February 2016 - prior to construction completion - serves as a celebratory and momentous milestone for Kingsland Global, and the company’s Cambodian arm. Slated to be completed in the second quarter of 2017, the hotel was sold to Vivaz Holdings Pte Ltd at US$13.4 million. Read More
  • PRESS / Apr, 2016 Five reasons I’m investing in Cambodian real estate It’s been eleven months to the date since I last departed Cambodia’s capital city of Phnom Penh. To say that this city, and this country, is no stranger to change would be an understatement. Thirty-seven years after a murderous regime left the country with their plans for an agrarian utopia in shambles, Cambodia is a frontier market that doesn’t entirely feel like a frontier market. It feels, well, like anywhere else in Southeast Asia, only with more grit. However, the grit is fast waning. In the tourist and expat-friendly parts of Phnom Penh, new shops and restaurants are opening quickly. It was only a year ago that I suggested that the window was closing on earning easy money from simple businesses like a restaurant. That window now appears to be closed. Just walking one mile from the city’s backpacker-filled riverside to my villa in the trendy BKK1 district, I noticed a number of new high-end restaurants. I’m told that one Chinese restaurant cost more than $250,000 to build. Read More
  • PRESS / Apr, 2016 Why Phnom Penh is Asia’s next top city for real estate Cambodia’s real estate market is heating up, especially in its capital Phnom Penh, with foreign developers from China, Singapore, Taiwan and Korea looking to expand their footprint in the fast-growing city. Read More