The FundHive Story

Revolutionizing Real Estate Investing

Property development is one of the most exciting segments of the real estate lifecycle as a project's value appreciates exponentially during this phase. Unfortunately, opportunities to develop property are typically reserved for a select few players.

Leveraging today's information technology, FundHive aims to transform the way you look at real estate investments. With industry leading experts and a strong heritage in real estate, we bring investors closer to developers, bypass middlemen, improve transparency, and deliver high returns on investment, all on a simple, easy to use platform.

At FundHive, we're making it possible for everyone to be a developer.

Our Values

We Value Every Relationship with Our Investors and Our Partners

  • Professional
  • Trustworthy
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Community
  • Innovation
  • Passion
  • Transparency
  • Efficiency

Mission & Vision

We Create, We Build, We Educate

Our Mission
  • Create a more inclusive process of property development by keeping our investors informed on the progress of every project.
  • Build relationships with developers and explore emerging areas together to create property development opportunities.
  • Educate the community on real estate investments.
Our Vision
  • Be the leading real estate investment platform for developers and investors.
  • Make real estate investments accessible globally.
  • Build cities and shape landscapes together in emerging markets.
The Team

Our Team is Experienced in Real Estate Developing, Marketing, Finance, and IT

FundHive is led by an experienced team of professionals and advisors with a proven track record in Real Estate Developing, Marketing, Investing and Finance, and IT across multiple countries.

  • Adrel Poh
    Managing Director

    Adrel Poh is the Founder and Managing Director of FundHive. He is responsible for creating strategic partnerships, overseeing real estate development, deal underwriting and general strategic direction for the software platform.

    With 8 years of experience in the financial services industry, Adrel led the top revenue-earning division for 4 consecutive years achieving international accolades and awards with his team. Adrel subsequently ventured into real estate developments, particularly in emerging markets. He has successfully acquired, financed and is developing land in Cambodia into hotels and office buildings with trusted, joint-venture industry partners.

    Adrel greatly values his family time with his wife and 2 kids, and enjoys hitting the gym regularly.

  • Lee Yue Cheng
    Project Director

    Yue Cheng is the Project Director of FundHive. He works closely with overseas developers and manages the construction projects in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

    Yue Cheng started his career with Keppel Engineering as a Project Engineer, and subsequently moved to Qatar to project manage a sewerage plant. He led the team of on-site engineers and workers in the construction of accommodations, warehouses with Aqua Terra Middle East (ATME), subsidiary of KS Energy Group, and heads the “Projects & Specialist Services Department”, managing specialized contractors of each individual field.

    He is also the founder of Mezzo Interiors, with a portfolio of commercial and banking offices, retail malls, private residences and landed properties.

  • Lee Wei
    Senior Design Manager

    Lee Wei is the Senior Design Manager of FundHive. She works with our partners from the feasibility to the implementation of regional real estate development projects.

    Lee Wei has worked on a broad range of projects from large scale and complex projects to public buildings in Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia.

  • Shiyin Liow (SY)
    IT Manager

    SY is the IT Manager of FundHive. She works with the IT team of designers and programmers to develop and manage the usability and functionality of the FundHive platform. She is responsible for overseeing the operations of the software platform and refining the existing user experience.

    SY is well experienced in having to project manage and develop over 20 websites and systems for commercial businesses of different industries.

    SY has a love for lomography and collecting toy cameras.

  • Jon Zhou
    Executive Director
    (FundHive China)
  • Douglas Ying
    Executive Director
    (FundHive Taiwan)
  • Arthur Hong
    General Manager
    (FundHive Taiwan)

  • Sok Hang Chaw
    Founder, Kingsland Development

  • Jeremiah Lee
    Executive Director of Overseas Operation, Kingsland Development

Development Partners

Associate Partners

At FundHive, we believe in providing the best for our investors and have partnered up with many extraordinary organisations who are committed to supporting our dedication towards real estate innovation.



FundHive is pleased to announce our collaboration with SeedIn Technology Pte Ltd.

SeedIn is an innovative peer-to-peer financing platform licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. All FundHive members will be invited to sign up for membership and updates from SeedIn Technology. This partnership will allow us to explore new and innovative ways to better serve our members. Please keep a lookout for our EDM in your mail inbox for more details!