Did you miss out on the Toto Hongbao Draw? Keep Dreaming. Mar, 2016

While we can’t promise you $13.9million, we promise your dreams can be kept alive.

Somewhat coincidentally, the winning pot of $13,943,682 is pretty close to the odds of winning with each ordinary entry - 1 in 13,983,816. To put those odds in context, you were far more likely to:

•    Find a pearl in an oyster (1 in 12,000)
•    Become a professional athlete (1 in 22,000)
•    Date a supermodel (1 in 88,000)
•    Get in a plane crash (1 in 350,000)
•    Be struck by lightning (1 in 576,000)
•    Become an astronaut/president (1 in 10,000,000)

While your returns might have been better if you had been furiously shucking oysters for pearls - at almost 1,200 times better chances, that’s not where we’re going with this. 

Remember those dreams you had of winning the Group 1 (Jackpot) prize all to yourself? Well - 


Be a sore loser.

The period between buying that ticket and tearing it up offers some of the most important insights into what you really want out of life. It asks you the question, “If money wasn’t a factor anymore, what would you do with your time?”. There’s no better time to reevaluate your career or life goals when we wait for a lottery win to come in - the boundaries or boxes that we live in get taken away. Maybe it was fancy cars and big homes, or an around-the-world tour, or a new life, job in a new place. Then you lose, go back to work, and that’s where the dream ends. 

And that’s a huge mistake. 

We ought to stop and think for a minute, and realise that there is a way to create some of those things we were thinking about. We think that we need things to happen on a huge scale, but there are many small and easy changes that can bring us a little bit of what we were looking for.


Buying the dream - a bit at a time.

If it was a supercar, or a bigger house, or a four-week Eurotrip, start saving. Start that “Rainy-Day” emergency fund you always knew you had to but could never find the spare cash for (Hint: it was all those extra nights out, or too many sales), and start putting aside a bit every week. 

It might take you 10 years, but in 2026 you can either be 10 years older, or be 10 years older and on a plane headed for a four-week Eurotrip. Not winning doesn’t mean you have to give up on those plans, it just means scaling them back.


If you’re buying too much at one shot, something’s off track.

“Too much” is pretty relative. But if you’re pinning all your hopes on winning the biweekly jackpot and spending 3 figures every time, something’s clearly not right. It’s time to pay attention to where those dreams are trying to point you in life and making sure that you take it one (bite-sized) step at a time.

Wanted to quit your job and find a more meaningful career? The age old adage of “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” still applies - you just have to put in the time to improve yourself (Hello SkillsFuture credit!), actually apply elsewhere, and get out there to network more.


Being your own fairy godmother.

The mountains of debt that we hoped to clear with just this one big win isn’t that hard to tackle. One of the easiest and most straightforward resolutions anyone can make is to start chipping away at it directly - instead of spending thousands on yet another investment course, which might or might not help you, why not simply start reducing some of the higher interest loans?

House and car loans, renovation loans, credit card debt, and even money borrowed from friends - friendship can have a premium and cost to it when something as sensitive as money crops up; start with the debt that has the highest interest rate and start getting out of bad debt to take your first step to real, financial freedom.


Keeping all these in mind, keeping you dreams alive; even if you didn’t win, it could have been the best dollar you’d have ever spent.



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